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Building and Pest Inspection Problems

What problems can be found at a Pre Purchase Building and Pest Inspection?

Found your dream Home? That’s exciting keep your dream alive by getting a Building and Pest Inspection so your dream doesn’t turn into a nightmare. The main objective for the building and pest inspector is to find issues with your new purchase that isn’t going to cost you a packet to rectify. Problems that can be found by the inspectors are:

  1. Subsidence because is the floors aren’t level you will have major costs in ensuring they do.
  2. Termites: The average cost for termite repairs is $15000 and 1 in every 3 homes on the Gold Coast has been effected by termites in some way.
  3. Water leaks causing wood rot and fungal decay and this can be very hard to detect
  4. Structural defects to the building that could have the potential to cause problems in the future
  5. Drainage issues around the outside of house that can cause water to pool close to the house potentially attracting termites and other issue to the building
  6. Problems with Plumbing to bathrooms, kitchens and toilets the inspector needs to ensure the plumbing works and there are no leaks
  7. Garage doors and other doors are in good working order
  8. Repaired Damaged TilesBroken tiles on roof could mean that the roof needs restoration works
  9. Retaining walls and landscaping timbers can cost $$$ if they need to be replaced
  10. Electrical appliances like the dishwasher, garage door motor, range hood and airconditioners need to be checked

These problems and many others need to be a good motivation to ensure you have a Building and Termite Inspection by a licenced and insured professional inspector before the house goes unconditional.

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