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Where are those mice hiding?

You pride yourself on keeping your house clean and tidy yet occasionally you find what appears to be mouse droppings.
It can't be - or can it?

Where do mice hide?

Are they living in my house?
Mice being curious creatures so any hole or crack will be explored. They can even been known to live in a freezer and feed off of frozen food.
Australian Ten Cent PieceThey can fit in tiny places - smaller than a 10 cent peice. Rats can fit inside of your pipes, as small as 1.5 inches in diameter.

Trees with berries or flowers
Fruit trees, trees with nuts or trees with berries or flowers can be good environs for mice.


Mice can't see very well

The reason you may see mice run along skirting boards is that they cannot see well but will use their whiskers to judge distance.
They are instinctive creatures that re-visit where they have been before.
Sometimes people mistake mice as being brazen when in fact they just did not detect any movement or see any movement (Three blind mice).
Although mice eyesight is not a strong point they can hear well.

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