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We look for building faults

We like finding minor or structural faults in any house we inspect.
In fact we are generating quite a reputation for our ability to find issues others may miss.

This just puts you in a better bargaining position on the price because you know more about the property.

Some of the faults that can be uncovered with our building inspection.

Electricity Issues

Electrical Faults


Leaking Roof

Leaking RoofYour roof needs to be structurally sound to weather the storms we have on the Gold Coast.
It is not a matter of if but when the next storm rushes through the Hinterland onto the Gold Coast.


Cracks in Brickwork

CracksCracks can be an indication of impending deterioration of the home.
Most cracks require only cosmetic treatment only - and can be remedied by simply watering the garden more or less.
Cracking can be vertical, horizontal, cogged, stepped or a combination.
It can be caused by water extracted by trees and shrubs - not usually the roots themsleves.
Renovations or additions on houses can cause a different load on the soil and hence cause cracks usaully vertical or cogged cracking.


Plumbing and Water Supply Issues

Plumbing and Water Supply IssuesCan you notice the tell tale signs of long term damage caused by plumbing? Termites thrive in moist damp environments.


Dampness and Leaking Pipes

Leaking Pipe


Uneven floor structures

Popped Floor Tiles


Painting hiding issues

Cracked Wall Paint

We work closely with creations in colour Painters Gold Coast.


Poorly Fitted Windows

Broken Windows


Problems with wall tiles

Popped Wall Tiles

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